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4BiddenCoin is the gateway into the 4BiddenKnowledge Metaverse. Join over a million people on a journey of human and self-discovery. Our ecosystem is vast and wondrous. Take the leap into the unknown.






Binance Smart Chain 



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Q2 2022 

Billy Carson Presents: 4BiddenCoin

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4BiddenCoin was founded by Entrepreneur Billy Carson, as the primary fiscal gateway to the 4Bidden brand of services. The 4Bidden brand includes 4BiddenKnowledge TV a streaming network that boast millions of viewers globally. The entire ecosystem has expanded into being a bustling community with events such as live tours to Egypt. 4BiddenKnowledge has produced bestselling books via its marketplace.


4BiddenCoin is a future forward tool that makes accessibility borderless and payments secure. Cryptocurrency payments make online payments accessible for people without requiring a bank account. Our small business marketplace will primarily operate its economy utilizing 4BiddenCoin as its primary payment method.

4BiddenCoin will allow the brand to focus on expansion as a self-generating capital machine. Eventually users will be able to earn staking rewards just for holding their tokens in the wallet. Additionally users can enter the metaverse and purchase 4BiddenKnowledge NFTs with their 4BiddenCoin.


4BiddenKnowledge TV is all about producing great quality educational material to uplift the consciousness of the masses, and cryptocurrency will be no exception. It is an excellent platform to kick off the integration of digital tokens into our everyday lives.


What kind of coin is 4BiddenCoin?

4BiddenCoin is a BEP20 token on Binance Smart Chain. 


Where will I be able to use 4BiddenCoin?

Initially 4BiddenCoin will be accepted through out our vast media network. 


What wallet is 4BiddenCoin compatible with?

4BiddenCoin can be stored in a Metamask wallet or any BEP20 compatible wallet. 


How do I setup 4BiddenCoin in Metamask?

Click here to view full instructions.


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